InShot_20180728_231531171You’re on the nascent and fairly random site of Ed Dean (not the redhead), a bloke who lives in Pittsburgh, PA, and works in actuarial consulting and data analytics at Optum. I previously served as Principal Data Scientist at innovu, a local software and analytics firm that specializes in human capital risk management, and deals heavily with financial and clinical healthcare data in particular. I have varied interests in healthcare policy and related actuarial and analytical matters as well.

Graduate school in Logic and Computation at Carnegie Mellon first brought me to Pittsburgh; before that, I’d grown up in Birmingham, AL, and obtained a BA from Harvard in Philosophy and Mathematics. I live with a talented and charming lady named Emily (yes the redhead), and our assortment of critters. I am sporadically a semi-serious, though decidedly amateur, chess player, and I used to waste unseemly amounts of time on things like the guitar and pool. Now my free time is mostly travel and cracking wise.