Dr. Rabinowitz

About six years ago, I found myself waiting in the exam room of my doctor’s office, and enjoying a delightfully odd painting that was hanging on the wall. With nothing else to do while I waited, I snapped a picture of it, and that found its way to my dropbox. This morning I had the unfortunate occasion to remember this unusual painting, as I learned that Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz was one of the eleven victims of Saturday’s massacre at the Tree of Life synagogue.

I didn’t know him well at all, and only saw him a handful of times in his professional capacity. But my impression of the man was one of intelligence, warmth, good humor, and a sincere dedication to his patients. That such a man would be gunned down in so senseless and hateful an act as this weekend’s horror is tragic. I aim to do what little I can to make such events less likely going forward.